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Dear Users:

The NRT analysis and forecast production have just been upgraded. The novelties are:

• The use of a new anthropogenic emission dataset, to enhance model results.

•  An extended domain to the North. Domain covers now an area spreading to 72°N.

→ Note that the new extended domain will not be available for ONLINE PACKAGED DATA. It will be delivered through OGC Web services, for which you will have the choice between:

1- getting the new extended domain,
2- or defining a subset corresponding to the former domain [ subset=lat(30,70)&subset=long(-25,45) ] , if you wish your result file to remain unchanged.

• New species available on plots : DUST and SECONDARY INORGANIC AEROSOL. These new products are available for both analysis and forecast.

Access to these new plots :




• Changes in Grib Template

For the GRIB2 file, the changes will concern pollen codes (GRIB keyword "constituentType"). This is to ensure compliance with the WMO standards and table version (tablesVersionLatest).

Pollen species ConstituentType
Birch pollen 62101 (instead of 64000)
Grass pollen 62300 (instead of 64001)
Olive pollen 64002 (no change yet because no standard code has been provided)
Ragweed pollen 62200 (instead of 64003)
Table version "tablesVersionLatest"
21 (instead of 5)

Note : The numerical datasets corresponding to the other changes (provision of 2 new parameters or addition of 2 new models in the ENSEMBLE) will be available later through the Atmosphere Data Store.

AIR QUALITY in Europe:   Ensemble modelling

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